List of units of the United States Navy

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Operations Evening Light and Eagle Claw, A Sailors tale of his Tour of duty in the U.S. Navy (August 1977 to February 1983)


A Sailors tale of his Tour of duty in the U.S. Navy (August 1977 to February 1983) Operation Evening Light and Eagle Claw - 24 April 1980


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Operations Evening Light and Eagle Claw (24 April 1980) Iran and Air Arm History (1941 to Present)


Operations Evening Light and Eagle Claw (24 April 1980) Iran and Air Arm History (1941 to 1980)





























































































































































































































List of units of the United States Navy

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For a comprehensive list of unit organizations in the United States Navy - Ref. 1140

 3M - Maintenance and Material Management (3M System)

 3MC - Maintenance Material Management Coordinator


 AAW - Anti-aircraft warfare

 AFFF - Aqueous film forming foam

 AIMD - Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (or Detachment)

 AMMRL - Aviation Maintenance Material Readiness List

 AMO - Assistant Maintenance Officer

 AOW - Auxilliaryman of the Watch

 AUTEC - Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center

 ASAU - Air Search and Attack Unit

 ASUW - Anti-surface warfare

 ASW - Anti-submarine warfare

 ASWO - Anti-Submarine Warfare Officers

 ASW - Auxiliary SeaWater system

 AUXO - Auxiliaries Officer

 AVGAS - AViation GASoline

 AWOL - Absent without official leave[1]


 BB - Battleship

 BCD - Bad Conduct Discharge (also colloquially known as "Big Chicken Dinner")

 BMOW - Boatswain's Mate of the Watch

 BUMED - Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

 BUPERS - Bureau of Naval Personnel

 BCG's - Birth Control Glasses

 BOHICA - Bend Over Here It Comes Again

 BZ - Bravo Zulu (meaning Well Done)


 CA - Heavy Cruiser (outdated)

 CAG - Guided Missile Heavy Cruiser (outdated) or Commander Air Group

 CDB - Career Development Boards

 CF - Charlie Foxtrot Polite form of "Cluster Fuck"

 CG - Guided Missile Cruiser

 CG - Guided Missile Cruiser, Nuclear Powered.

 CMS-ID - Career Management System-Interactive Detailing

 CNO - Chief of Naval Operations

 CO - Commanding Officer[1]

 COB - Chief Of the Boat (traditionally found only on submarines). Can also be used for "close of business."

 COD - Carrier Onboard Delivery

 COMCARGRU Commander Carrier Group

 COMDESGRU - COMmander, DEStroyer GRoUp

 COMLANTFLT - COMmander, u.s. atLANTic FLeeT (see CINCLANTFLT)

 COMEX - Commence Exercise

 COMMO - COMMunications Officer


 COMNAVAIRLANT - COMmander, NAVal AIR forces, atLANTic

 COMNAVAIRPAC - COMmander, NAVal AIR forces, PACific



 COMPACFLT - COMmander, PACific FLeeT (formerly CINCPACFLT)

 COMCARSTKGRU Coommander Carrier Strike Geiup

 COMPTUEX - COMPosite Training Unit EXercise

 COMSEC - COMmunications SECurity

 COMSUBFOR - COMmander, SUBmarine FORce

 COMSUBLANT - COMmander, SUBmarine force AtLANTtic

 Carrier (Lighter-than-air) (No longer in use)

 CMC - Command Master Chief

 CMDCM - Command Master Chief

 CSC - Command Senior Chief

 CSC - Combat Systems Coordinator

 CSC - Culinary Specialist Chief (E-7)

 CMDCS - Command Senior Chief

 CPO - Chief Petty Officer

 CSEC - Computerized Self Evaluation Checklist

 CVN - Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier (Carrier, aViation, Nuclear),[2] i.e. CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln

 CVW - Carrier Air Wing

 CWO - Chief Warrant Officer


 DD - Destroyer

 DDG - Guided Missile Destroyer

 DDR - Radar Picket Destroyer

 DE - Destroyer Escort

 DL - Destroyer Leader

 DLG - Guided Missile Destroyer Leader

 DLGN - Nuclear powered Guided Missile Destroyer Leader

 DESDIV - DESstroyer DIVision

 DEVGRU - Naval Special Warfare DEVelopment GRoUp, formerly (and informally still) SEAL Team SIX

 DAPA - Drug and Alcohol Programs Advisor

 DCA - Damage Control Assistant

 DCO - Direct Commission Officer

 DCAG - Deputy Air Wing Commander (see CAG)

 DCC - Damage Control Central

 DESRON - DEStroyer squadRON

 DFM - Diesel Fuel Marine (F-76), standard Navy bunker fuel

 DIRNSA - DIRector of the National Security Agency

 DM - Destroyer Minelayer

 DOD - Department Of Defense

 DON - Department Of the Navy


 EAOS - End of Active Obligated Service

 EAWS - Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist

 ECRC - Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center

 EDMC - Engineering Department Master Chief (Submarines)

 EEBD - Emergency Escape Breathing Device

 EIDWS - Enlisted Information Dominance Warfare Specialist

 EMI - Extra Military Instruction

 EOOW - Engineering Officer Of the Watch

 ERS - Engineroom Supervisor

 ESWS - Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist

 EWS - Engineering Watch Supervisor

 EXW - Expeditionary Warfare


 FAC - Forward Air Controller

 FAC/A - Forward Air Controller/Airborne

 FCF - Functional CheckFlight

 FDO - Flight Deck Officer

 F/MC - Fleet (or Force) Master Chief

 FMF - Fleet Marine Force

 FMSS - Field Medical Service School

 FOD - Foreign Object Damage (Debris and Detection also used in some cases)

 FRC - Fleet Readiness Center

 FRS - Fleet Replacement Squadron (Formerly RAG)

 FSO - Food Service Officer

 FTN - Forget the Navy (Polite Form)

 FTN - Full-time Navy (Humorous Form)


 GQ - General Quarters (Call to battle stations)

 GCCS-M - Global Command Communications System-Maritime

 GSA - Global War on Terrorism Support Assignments


 HELO - Helicopter

 HS - Helicopter Squadron (HS-4 Black Knights)

 HM - Hospital Corpsman

 HMFIC - Head M F In Charge (See SOPA Below)

 HT - Hull Technician


 IAMM - Individual Augmentation Manpower Management

 IAW - "in accordance with"

 ICO - "in case of" "in care of"

 IMF - Intermediate Maintenance Facility

 IMRL - Individual Material Readiness List

 IRT - "in reference to..."


 JAG - Judge Advocate General's Corps, U.S. Navy

 JBD - Jet Blast Deflector (carriers)

 JP-5 - Jet Propellant no. 5, standard Navy jet fuel (F-44, AVCAT)

 JTF - Joint Task Force

 JTFEX - Joint Task Force Exercise


 LANTCOM - Atlantic Command

 LCPO - Leading Chief Petty Officer

 LDO - Limited Duty Officer

 LES - Leave and Earnings Statement

 LPO - Leading Petty Officer

 LPOD - Last Plane On Deck

 LSO - Landing Signal Officer


 MA - Master At Arms

 MALS - Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron

 MCPO - Master Chief Petty Officer

 MMCPO - Maintenance Master Chief Petty Officer

 MCO - Material Control Officer

 MMCO - Maintenance/Material Control Officer

 MCPON (pronounced "Mick Pon") - Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy

 MIDRATS - MIDnight RATions

 MPA - Main Propulsion Assistant

 MPA - Military Patrol Craft (P-3 Orion, etc.)

 MO - (pronounced "Moe") Maintenance Officer

 MM - Machinist's Mate

 MSW - Main Seawater System

 MSG - message


 NALCOMIS - Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System

 NAS - Naval Air Station

 NAVAIR - Naval Air Systems Command

 NAWCAD - Naval Air Warfare Center - Aircraft Division

 NAVCOMP - Comptroller of the Navy

 NAVEDTRA - Chief of Navy Education and Training

 NAVFAC - Naval Facilities Engineering Command

 NAVFLIGHTDEMRON - Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron (Blue Angels)

 NAVMAT - Naval Material Command

 NAVMILPERSCOM - Navy Military Personnel Command

 NAVSEA - Naval Sea Systems Command

 NAVSECGRUACT - Naval Security Group Activity

 NAVSUP - Naval Supply Systems Command

 NAVTRA - Chief of Naval Training

 NAWCWD - Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division (now Pacific Missile Test Center)

 NBSD - Naval Base San Diego

 NCDU - Navy Combat Demolition Unit

 NCIS - Naval Criminal Investigative Service

 NCTAMS - Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station

 NCTS - Naval Computer Telecommunications Station

 NECC - Navy Expeditionary Combat Command

 NeL - Navy eLearning

 NEX - Navy Exchange

 NFO - Naval Flight Officer / Normal Fuel Oil

 NKO - Navy Knowledge Online

 NMCI - Navy/Marine Corps Intranet

 NMPS - Navy Mobilization and Processing Site

 NNSY - Norfolk Naval Shipyard

 NOSC - Navy Operational Support Center

 NROTC - Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps

 NJROTC - Navy Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps

 NSAWC - Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center

 NSY - Naval Shipyard

 SSES - Ships Signal Exploitation Space

 NSGA - Naval Security Group Activity

 NSWG - Naval Special Warfare Group

 NSWC - Naval Surface Warfare Center

 NUWC - Naval Undersea Warfare Center

 NWTD - Non Watertight Door

 OBA - Oxygen Breathing Apparatus

 OCS - Officer Candidate School, located at Naval Station Newport

 OFS - Out Fucking Standing

 OM - On the Move

 OOD - Officer of the Deck

 OOMA - Optimized Organizational Maintenance Activity

 OPSO - Operations officer

 OPNAV - Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

 OSA - Overseas Contingency Operation Support Assignments


 PACOM - Pacific Command

 PCS - Permanent Change of Station

 PFA - Physical Fitness Assessment

 POD - Plan of the Day

 POTUS - President of the United States

 POW - Plan of the Week

 PRD - Projected Rotation Date

 PRIFLY - PRImary FLight Control (Aircraft carriers)

 PSNS and IMF - Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility

 PT - Physical Training

 PTS - Perform to Serve

 PWD - Public Works Department


 RADCON - RADiation CONtrol

 RAG - Replacement Air Group, now known as Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS)

 RIMPAC - Rim of the Pacific

 RIO - Radar Intercept Officer

 RL - Restricted Line Officer

 RMD - Restricted Maneuvering Doctrine

 RT - Radiotelephone (voice radio)

 RTC - Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois

 RPOC - Recruit Petty Officer in Charge


 SA - Seaman Apprentice

 SAG - Surface Action Group

 SAM - Surface-to-air missile[1]

 SAU - Search and Attack Unit

 SCAT - Small Craft Attack Team

 SE - Support Equipment

 SEALs - United States Navy SEALs (stands for SEa, Air, Land), officially termed Special Warfare Operators.

 SECDEF - United States Secretary of Defense

 SECNAV - United States Secretary of the Navy

 SCBA - Self-contained breathing apparatus

 SCPO - Senior Chief Petty Officer

 SCW - Seabee Combat Warfare Specialist insignia

 SICLOS - Shift Inspect Clean Lube Oil Strainers

 SLBM - Submarine-launched ballistic missile

 SN - Seaman

 SNA - Student Naval Aviator

 SO - Special Warfare Operator, aka US Navy SEAL.

 SOFA - Status of Forces Agreement

 SOPA - Senior Officer Present Afloat

 SOP(A) - Senior Officer Present (Ashore)

 SPAWAR - Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

 SPAWARSYSCEN - Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center

 SR - Seaman Recruit

 SRB - Selective Reenlistment Bonus

 SRW - Shutdown Roving Watch

 SS - Submarine or submersible ship

 SSBN (aka Boomers) - Hull classification symbol for ballistic missile submarine. The SS denotes submarine, the B denotes ballistic missiles, and the N denotes nuclear-powered.

 SSGN - Hull classification symbol for cruise missile submarine. The SS denotes submarine, the G denotes guided missile, and the N denotes nuclear-powered.

 SSN - Hull classification symbol for general-purpose fast attack submarines. The SS denotes submarine, while N denotes nuclear-powered.

 SSTG - Ships Service Turbine Generator

 STREAM - Standard Tension REplenishment Alongside Method

 SUBRON - SUBmarine squadRON

 SUBSAFE - SUBmarine SAFEty program

 SUPPO - SUPPly Officer

 SWCC (swick) - Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen, the Special Operations Forces who operate and maintain an inventory of boats used to support special operations missions, particularly those of the U.S. Navy SEALs.

 SWO - Surface Warfare Officer


 TADCEN - Training and Distribution Center

 TE - Task Element

 TF - Task Force

 TG - Task Group

 TOPGUN - United States Navy Fighter Weapons School

 TU - Task Unit


 UA - Unauthorized absence, equivalent to Army absent without leave

 UAS - Unmanned Aerial System

 UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

 UCMJ - Uniform Code of Military Justice

 UDT - Underwater Demolition Team

 UNODIR - UNless Otherwise DIRected

 UNREP - Underway replenishment

 USMC - United States Marine Corps, organized under the United States Department of the Navy)

 USN - United States Navy

 URL - Unrestricted line officer

 USNA - United States Naval Academy (Annapolis)

 UWT - Underwater telephone


 VERTREP - Vertical replenishment

 VCNO - Vice Chief of Naval Operations

 VAQ - Fixed Wing Electronic-Attack Squadron

 VAW - Fixed Wing Airborne Early Warning Squadron

 VF - Fixed Wing Fighter (no longer used)

 VFA - Fixed Wing Strike Fighter Squadron

 VP - Fixed Wing Patrol Squadron

 VRC - Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VRC-30 Providers)

 VTU - Volunteer Training Unit


 WCS Work Center Supervisor

 WO Warrant Officer

 WSO (Wizzo) - Weapon Systems Operator/Naval Flight Officer

 WTD Watertight Door

 WTF - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, usually an interrogative phrase, but may also be used in a declarative manner


 XO - Executive officer


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